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메이주 POP TW50 언박싱 간단청음기 Meizu Pop TW50 unboxing hands on

메이주 블루투스 이어폰 Meizu Pop TW50 입니다. 440위안(약74,000원)인데 이제는 블루투스이어폰도 들을만 하군요. Meizu Pop TW50 It has good sound and of course cheap~ and one more - wireless charge !!
이지욱 : 혹시 메이쥬팝 펌웨어 업데이트 안했으면 영상 올려주실수 있으신가요?
러시아 유투버 영상 보면서 하는데 계속 삽질 하고 있네요 ㅜㅜ...
올려주시면 갑사합니다
J D : 펌웨어 업데이트가 가능하다 들엇는데 어떻게 하는지 아시나요
스파르타 : 무선 충전기 어디서구매하셨는지 알려주실수있을까요?
kikikai : 휴대용무선충전기 사고싶네요 ㅠ
Jiang Lin : only $74 discount at 25% off
Hey Day : 혹시 피아톤 볼트 , eoz air 들어 보셨나요? 메이주 팝스 까지 위 3가지중에서 고민중인데.... 뭐가 좋을까요? ㅠㅠ
삐삐마담 : 옥션 ,쿠팡은 가격이 11만원대인데 어디서 7만4천에 구입할수 있나여?
링크좀 부탁함다
워디[A Worthy Peeson] : 노래듣다가 끊기는현상은 없나요?
정지형 : 케이스는어디서구매하죠?
한소소 : 갤럭시 핸드폰과도 연결이 괜찮을까요??ㅜㅜ

Meizu Pop True Wireless Earphones Review - Tw50

My review on the Meizu Pop True Wireless Bluetooth earphones
Available on Gearbest: Coupon Code: "meizupop" for $86.99 (Gearbest link)

Qbuds W1 (Gearbest Link)

Qbuds W1 Review:

Meizu Ep52 (Gearbest Link)

Meizu Ep52 Review:

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This is primarily a tech channel, I'm still experimenting and reviewing different types of products, different categories of tech and seeing which is the most fun, most watched, and most liked.
Some of the things that I'm having most fun reviewing right now are earphones (iem's) and earbuds
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Audio was recorded using the Blue Yeti:
TechManZ : Meizu Pop Coupon code from Gearbest Expires July 31st "Meizupop"
reduces the price to $86.99
Philippe Zevenberg : do you know what are the dimensions of these? i cant seem to find that info anywhere
Mrinaal Duggal : When making calls, does both earbuds works or only one can be used. Plz advise?
Joseph C. : How do these compare to the Mifo?
Tosaporn Hutaseranee : Sound quality can be equal to Apple EarPods ?
ranjit mahabal : I orders this from gearbest site and within 10 days of use right side earbud stopped working,it's really disappointing,I would not recommend this product to anyone
LILIANA TIMOFTE : Can you receive calls when you have only one on? Either of them?
Flower Base : No sound on the left earphone, it worked before but it doesn’t anymore but it lights up when I charge it but when I connect them to my phone, there’s no sound on the left.
Kolor : Can't connect them
Efe Kale : Airpods or pop? (For the voice quailty and noise cancelling)

KS*Eco / Therma TW50 Montagefilm

Schritt für Schritt wird die Erstellung des Mauerwerks und anschließende Dämmung gezeigt. Die Systemkomponenten sind: Original KS Kalksandstein und Kingspan Therma TW50 Kerndämmplatte.
Das System eignet sich optimal für Passivhäuser.
Blagius Studio : Ich bin begeistert




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